Vue Cli cheat sheet
Vue CLI for Vue.js applications

Vue CLI need Node 4++ (6.x prefered) with NPM 3++


npm install -g vue-cli yarn global add vue-cli


Generatin a Vue.js project vue init <template-name> <project-name>

you can see the available via:

vue list

Current available templates include:

  • webpack - A full-featured Webpack + vue-loader setup with hot reload, linting, testing & css extraction.
  • webpack-simple - A simple Webpack + vue-loader setup for quick prototyping.
  • browserify - A full-featured Browserify + vueify setup with hot-reload, linting & unit testing.
  • browserify-simple - A simple Browserify + vueify setup for quick prototyping.
  • simple - The simplest possible Vue setup in a single HTML file

Start Developement

To get started:

cd <dest-dir-name> npm install npm run dev

current version: 2.8.1 - Date: Jan. 2017


Creating a build : the artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. npm run build

Build targets and environment, the mapping used can be found in angular-cli.json : npm run build --prod

Build component without manually create a Vue instance for it: vue build <Component.vue>

Watch mode (as development mode but does not add hot-reloading support): vue build index.js --watch

Need help: vue build -h


Running unit tests npm run test

Running end-to-end tests npm run e2e

Linting code

npm run lint


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